Hello, and welcome to my blog!P_IbvtCL

My name is Svetlana, I was born and grew up in Bulgaria and moved to Dublin when I was 22. I got interested in genealogy few years ago after doing a DNA test out of curiosity and being presented with a list of “DNA cousins” – none of who I knew!

I started working on my family tree, and soon after expanded my research and started looking into my husband’s ancestors too. My children’s heritage has turned out to be really interesting! On my side most of their ancestors are from small villages near Tryavna (Buglaria), they lived there for many generations and married nearby. So nearly everybody is related to everybody – we all find it fascinating that they we have so many living cousins in the small town of Plachkovci alone!

My husband’s ancestors on the other hand are from very diverse locations – his paternal side is from New York, and could be traced back to Germany and England, while most of his maternal ancestors are from Derry, Northern Ireland with some branches going back to Scotland, Sunderland, Durham and even back to Sussex and Essex in late 18th century.

So, as you see, my children’s ancestry is very diverse and quite fascinating!

This blog is an attempt to document all the information I’ve gathered while working on our family history. I’ve started with my husband’s family tree as his is somewhat easier to do from a distance – many documents are digitised and online. It is a work in progress and posts will probably be updated regularly as new information comes up.

I’m particularly interested in using DNA for researching and proving family connections, and have already corroborated the paper research on a number of branches.

You can contact me at svetlana (dot) hensman (at) gmail (dot) com. I love getting in touch with cousins!