DNA results are in – it’s HEGARTY!


In a previous post  Who was Richard McManus’s mother? I’ve mentioned I struggled to find a baptism record for Richard and to confirm his mother’s maiden name.

That was until a DNA match appeared on ancestry, that lead me to the theory that Richard had a sister Margaret McManus who settled in New York. Thankfully her death certificate listed her mother as Jane Hegarty. So I built a tree for Margaret, found other siblings, but could still not link her to Richard.  And the DNA connection was a bit too distant to be a conclusive proof.

Thankfully, a kind relative who is two generations closer to the ancestry DNA match had agreed to test – and his results just came in this morning. He and J are 2nd cousins once removed!


I can now say, without any doubt, that the theory was correct – Richard’s mother was indeed Jane Hegarty (abt. 1821 – 1902)!

The search now continues to find out more about her other children and other possible Hegarty relatives.

(I’m deliberately not including diagrams for the relationship to protect living people’s privacy)



5 thoughts on “DNA results are in – it’s HEGARTY!

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    1. Svetlana H.

      Yes, I literally did a little dance when I saw the results:)
      Plus, a bonus – the next DNA match on the list seems like it’s going to solve another headache mystery – where were his wife Catherine Bradley’s parents and siblings. Watch this space!

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