Richard’s siblings in Derry

Couple of days searching newspapers and comparing records, and I believe I may have found Richard McManus’ siblings who were left behind in Derry with him!

We know his sister Jane (Jennie) and his brother Patrick Aloyious went back to Boston with their mother. Richard had another sister, Catherine and an older brother John – John wasn’t listed in the 1880 census with the family, which initially led me to believe he may had died as a child. But it’s also possible he was visiting relatives at the time, especially since I couldn’t find any death record for him in the period 1874-1880.

As it turned out, John and Catherine were brought up in Derry together with Richard. I’m not sure where did they live as children, haven’t seen them mentioned in the local newspapers.

The first record of them I’ve found is 1901 census. The ages are slightly off, but that’s quite common in those records, and Richard is listed as born in New York. I haven’t found any birth record for him in neither MA or NY, and since the children were little when they were left behind (John was 10, Richard – 7 and Catherine – 3) it’s possible this is either a typo, or his place of birth was remembered incorrectly.

And on another note – I really don’t like the expression “left behind” but can’t think of a better one. “Left” sounds like they were abandoned, while in reality their mother Kate had quite likely fallen on hard times after her husband had died and couldn’t afford the ship fare. I can’t even imagine the heartache…

1901 census, Fulton Place, Londonderry City, Londonderry

John McManus, the eldest brother, was a slater. He died in 1908, age 33, from acute peritonitis. He was still living at 14 Fulton street (place) at the time of his death, never married, and he is buried in Derry City Cemetery.



The informant of John’s death is Kate Doherty, sister, living at 14 Henrietta St – which was a great clue where to search for Catherine.

By 1911, Catherine (or Kate as she seems to be known as) was married to Manasses Doherty and had one son named after his father.



Kate and Manasses were married on 19 April 1908, eight months prior to her brother’s John’s death.


Their first son Manasses was born 29 Jan 1909, and their daughter Bridgit Mary on 23 Feb 1914 – by then the family lived on 80 Bishop St. Brigit Mary died in 1938 when she was only 24. Kate and Manasses had a younger son too, but I haven’t been able to find out his name (he is mentioned in their obituaries)

Kate’s husband was a plumber. He died on 19th Oct 1953.


Kate died less than a year after her husband, in 1954 from “cardiac failure due to coronary thrombosis” at her son’s residence. The death certificate says she is 69, but according to her birth certificate she would have been 73 (her age is consisted on all documents in Ireland, so it’s possible that her relatives estimated her age) She was also buried in Derry City Cemetery.

  1. 1954_death_catherinemcmanusdoherty


Richard McManus is my children’s great-grandfather. I’m not very comfortable writing about him myself as I know very little, and there are people who still remember him well – so hopefully some day we can put some information together and share it! I’ll just say that he was a slater, he married Mary Ann Kavanagh in 1909 and they had a large family.

Thank you very much for reading, and I’d always welcome suggestions or corrections!


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      1. I find reading other blogs and other ways that people research and think about their research very helpful—so it’s not a favor! I truly get something out of it. 🙂


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