Richard and Catherine McManus – their trips across the ocean (part 3)

The family members remember the trip of Richard and Catherine to Derry, during which their children ended up separated across the Atlantic after both parents dying unexpectedly.

It seems, however, that they, or at least Catherine must have travelled more than once as it can be seen from the birthplaces of their children.

Timeline for Catherine and Richard McManus

Richard and Catherine, or at least Catherine, must have travelled

  • from Boston to Derry some time between 1879 and 1880,
  • back from Derry to Boston between 1879 and 1880,
  • agan from Boston to Derry between 1880 and 1883,
  • and according to the naturalisation for their son Patrick – he came to Boston on 4th May 1883.

I’ve found a possible ship manifest from the ship Cephalonia, which arrived in Boston on 22nd Dec 1884 shows the mother Kate (age 26), daughter Jane (age 5) and son Patrick (11 months). There are small inconsistencies with the ages of Kate and the children – she should have been 29, and children 6 and 9 months. Kate is also listed as born in USA instead of Scotland. However, those ship manifests often contain errors so it’s quite likely this is Catherine travelling with some of the children, after leaving Richard with Richard Jr and Catherine in Derry.


1884, extract of the ship manifest for ship “Cephalonia” arriving in Boston 22nd Dec 1884

I haven’t found any ship manifests for any of the earlier trips, nor for the return trip for Richard (Sr) from Derry to Boston. It’s also possible that they may have travelled to/from Scotland since Catherine was from there, or to/from USA port other than Boston.



7 thoughts on “Richard and Catherine McManus – their trips across the ocean (part 3)

    1. Svetlana H.

      Yes, I wonder though – why did they travel several times back and forth. Initially thought it may be a mistake or I may have mixed up some records with the wrong family – but seems that’s them.


      1. Svetlana H.

        Thanks! Will try to contact him. I haven’t really gone beyond the “obvious” sources, so I’m sure there is probably plenty more to find out!

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  1. Svetlana H.

    I’m sorry, I think I may be making a mess with those comments… but I can see them all and read thdm though my email. Think I may have deleted one by accident. Going to tweak the settings and remove the pending “approval”


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