Richard and Catherine McManus – their children (part 2)

I’m not sure how many children did Dicky and Catherine have, I have found 5 so far:

  • John – b. 1874, Boston
  • Richard – about 1877, Boston (no birth record found so far)
  • Jane – b. 1878, Derry
  • Catherine – b.1880, Boston
  • Patrick Aloyious b.1883, Derry

It’s unusual that the birthplaces of the children alternate between Boston and Derry, indicating that the family (or at least their mother Catherine) travelled between the States and Ireland few times.

  • John McManus (1874 – ?)

Richard and Catherine were married in Boston in Dec 1873, and their eldest son John was born a year later on 6th Dec 1874. The father’s occupation is “saloon” (saloon keeper?) and address is 282 Causey which fits the other records I’ve found for the family. I have not found John in any subsequent records, and he doesn’t appear in the 1880 census, so it’s possible he died as a child. I haven’t found a death record either (neither Boston, nor Derry)

Birth record for John McManus (6 Dec 1874, Boston, MA), source: (Click on the image for higher resolution)
  • Richard (abt.1877 – ?)

Their second son, Richard, was born around 1877 according to the 1880 census in Boston. The family lived in 81 North Margin street (the home address consistent with the other records) and father’s occupation was Revere Hall (not sure what it is). The 1880 Boston city directory lists the father as “McManus, Richard (Butler & McManus)” with address 7 Green, as well as bds.81 North Margin (which was his residence), so it’s possible he changed jobs between 1878 and 1880.

1880 census, Boston, 81 North Margin street

There are two children listed in 1880 census – Richard who was 3 and born in Boston, and Jane, 1, born in Ireland.

I’ll write more about Richard Jr and his children in another blog post.

  • Jane (1878 – 1892)

Jane was born on 10th Nov 1878 in Derry, 104 Fountain street, and the occupation for her father Richard is listed as “store keeper” from Boston. She was baptised in St Eugene’s, Derry, and the sponsors were John McManus and Margaret Kane. John is likely either her grandfather or uncle, and I’m not sure how Margaret is related.

Birth record for Jane McManus, 1878, Londonderry (source:

Sadly, Jane died when she was 13 from meningitis. I’ll need to search a bit more and see if I can find any hospital records or where she is buried.

Death record  for Jane McManus, 1892, Boston (source:


  • Catherine (1880 – ?)

Catherine was born on 31st Oct 1880 in Boston. I have no further information on Catherine, or if she was brought up in Derry or Boston.

Birth of Catherine McManus, 1880, Boston (source:
  • Patrick Aloyious (1883, Derry – ?)

Patrick was born on 4th April 1883 in Derry (his year of birth is listed as 1882 in few documents). He was baptised 7 Apr 1883 at St Eugene’s, Derry. His godparents were Edward Doherty and Rose McManus, however I’m not sure yet how are they related to him.

Patrick was brought up in Boston. I have very little information on his childhood but there are number of documents from when he was older. I’ve gotten in touch with a descendant of his, and hopefully will  share a more detailed story of his life in a separate post.



5 thoughts on “Richard and Catherine McManus – their children (part 2)

  1. Great work Svetlana! I did a bit of digging the summer before last but I didn’t really get very far. Must see if I can find my notes …

    Also, I was thinking “Rivere” might be a spelling mistake – there is city called Revere near Boston with a town hall:
    So I’d say it’s somewhat akin to saying “he works for the council”.

    Anyways, looking forward to hearing more about your research!

    best wishes

    John (McManus)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Svetlana H.

      Thanks John!

      You are right, just checked and the census record does indeed say “Revere” (edited my post), so you are probably correct, it could be city hall. He seems to have changed jobs sometime just before 1880 judging by the city directories.

      Would love to find out more if anybody remembers any stories, especially about any other siblings (Catherine may have possibly been brought up in Derry too) or any relatives of the parents – Richard and Catherine. Who did Richard Jr grow up with?

      And if you spot any errors – please, let me know!

      All the best,


  2. Great stuff, Lana! It’s odd that there’s no further record for John, but I’ve certainly had children disappear from my families. I wonder how careful people were about filing death records back then. If you know their parish, I wonder if church records might have something (not that I’ve ever used church records, of course!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Svetlana H.

      That’s next on my list – to find the nearest church, hopefully the records will be among the resently digitised ones for Boston!

      I can’t find any death records for the parents either. I’m not sure how to go about finding if there is any more death records on Jane and where is she buried – she’ll most likely be with her parents

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s a guy named Jake Fletcher on FB who really knows New England research. He just took a job with Ancestry, so I don’t know how much he is doing outside his job, but he might be willing to give you some tips.


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