William Gallagher and Jane McLaughlin (part 4) – theories of relatives

I have not yet managed to locate a marriage record for William and Jane, nor to confirm a birth record for either of them, but here are some possibilities.

Jane age and place of birth are consistent in 1901 and 1911 census, so she must be born abt. 1871 in Co.Derry. She was only 15 when her first child was born, so I’m looking for births 1869-1872 in case her age was wrong.

  1. There is a possible baptism for Jane in Waterside on 12 Apr 1869, parents were James McLaughlin and Eliza McLaughlin, sponsor: Margaret McLaughlin. (source: rootsireland.com)
  2. Birth 30 Dec 1970, Ballarena, Derry, parents: Daniel Mc Laughlin and Elizabeth Cummins (source: familysearch.org)
  3. Birth registration for Jane McLaughlin, 1871, Londonderry, Ireland, vol number 2, pg number 247 (source: familysearch.org)
  4. Birth/baptism 28 aug 1972, Newtownlimavady, Derry, parents: Joseph McLaughlin and Mary Mullen

There are few others that don’t specify location.

There is also a number of possible birth records for William, both in Co Derry and in Scotland (1911 census lists his place of birth as Coatbridge, Glasgow, Scotland. Unfortunatelly I haven’t been able to uniquely pinpoint the correct record.

I’ve also been trying to gather all clues for possible relatives following up on the sponsors on the baptism certtificates for their children. The godparents for their first child Annie in 1885 were Robert Gallagher and Bridget McLaughlin. Bridget was also the godmother of their next two children (1886 and 1887), and later in 1892 we have Bridget Gallagher listed as a godmother to Josepine. One theory is that Rober Gallagher and Bridget McLaughlin were siblings to William and Jane, and they got married sometime between 1887 and 1892. There is a marriage record that fits 22 May 1888, Derry and parents are listed as Charles Gallagher and James McLaughlin. Richard and Bridget had their first child, Robert, in 1888 in Derry City, and later moved and settled in Eglinton, Co.Derry (census 1901 and 1911) I’ve tried tracing their children but so far haven’t been able to prove connection to William and Jane.

Other godparents to research: Mary Donaghoe (1889), Mary Jane McNulty/Rose McAnulty (1890), Margaret Mallet (1894), Elizabeth McColgan (1895), Henry McLaughlin and Catherine King (1896), Agnes Feeny (1897).

Henry could possbily be Jane’s brother, and there is a marriage on 28 June 1896 between Henry McLaughlin and Catherine King, so this is possibly them.Henry’s father is James, which is consistent with the other theory that Bridget McLaughlin (who married Robert Gallagher) is a sister of Jane.


There is a birth in 1870 in Eglinton, Derry for Henry Mc Laughlin with parents James McLaughlin and Bridget Helfarty, which could be the correct Henry, sibling of Jane. There are also two other children born to the same couple: Mary born 25 May 1868, Eglinton, Derry and Jane born 20 May 1865. The year of birth of Jane doesn’t match the ancestor I’m searching for, however, the suspected sister Bridget (McLaughlin) Gallagher was living in Eglinton and her parents were James and Bridget (her mother Bridget was living with her in 1901 census). So this is quite possibly the correct family, but more research is needed to figure out why  Jane’s year of birth is so off.

Edenreagh, Eglinton: https://www.townlands.ie/londonderry/tirkeeran/clondermot/edenreagh-beg/


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