William Gallagher and Jane McLaughlin (part 3) – Newspaper articles

Gallagher is a very popular surname in Northern Ireland and it was tricky to research it in the newspapers. However, the Derry Petty court sessions provide some information about what the family’s life must have been at the time.

In 1897 William was arrested on a charge of allegedly taking away a horse.


In 1902 William Gallagher was fined 15s (5s per child) for his three school age children having poor attendance at school.


Jane Gallagher was also mentioned in a newspaper article as a plaintiff against Mr M. Armstrong of Duddy’s row in 1903, who was accused of stealing a soverign belonging to Mrs Gallagher.



In Feb 1904 William Gallagher was fined 10s and costs for drunkenness.


A month later, in March 1904 he appeared again in front of the Derry Petty Courts – he was charged with failing to look after his children and not proving food. Those must have been hard times for the family, the newsarticle is heartbreaking to read. He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment with hard labour, while his wife was home with 8 children, one of them – the baby Walter only a month and a half.


William was also mentioned in a story in 1906 as a plentiff on a case of stolen bogs.


1923 – summoned at Derry petty court for “drunkeness and disorderly conduct” and fined 20s.



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