William Gallagher and Jane McLaughlin (part 1)

William Gallagher (abt. 1869, Derry or Scotland – d. 1 Jun 1939, Derry)
Jane Gallagher (nee McLaughlin) (abt 1871, Derry – d. after 1939)

William and Jane have been a tricky couple to research due to their very popular names in Derry,  and their date and place of birth, parents and marriage are still a mystery.

They must have married around 1885 as their first child, Annie, was born  18 Jun 1885 in Derry City and baptised in Waterside. I have not been able to find any civil or church marriage record so far.

Jane would have been very young when she had Annie, only 14-15. Initially I thought it may have been a mistake, but Jane’s age is consistent in both census records – 30 years old in 1901 (Annie is listed as being 15) and age 40 in 1911. And 1911 census lists William and Jane as being married 25 years.

Did William and Jane elope and married abroad, did she fall pregnant as a teen and they never married… I haven’t been able to confirm any family members for either of them so far.

1901 census: Cross street, Waterside, Londonderry source: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Londonderry/Waterside/Cross/1539912/
1911 census, 8 Howard Place, Londonderry Urban (4)   source: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Londonderry/Londonderry_Urban__4_/Howard_Place/603377/

William Gallagher has been mentioned in several newspaper articles in Derry Journal (see part 3)




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