Richard McManus and Catherine Bradley

Richard and Catherine McManus (nee Bradley) are my husband’s great-great-grandparents and have lived most of their live in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to the family lore (thanks to cousin Warren for sharing the story!) Richard (or Dicky as he was known) and Catherine came to visit Derry with their children. They planned the trip back to Boston in two stages – Catherine went first with some of the children, and Dicky was to follow after with the rest of the children. Upon her return to the States Catherine fell very ill and Dicky had to go back very quickly and couldn’t afford to bring the remaining children with him. He was to come back for them later but sadly died soon after, and the children were split by the Atlantic. My husband’s great-grandfather, Richard (Jr) was left behind in Derry. We are not sure of the fate of the remaining children.

Dicky was born around 1845 most likely in Derry. I haven’t found any birth record for him yet, but there is a naturalisation petition that fits to be him, which says he was born on 17 Mar 1845 in Londonderry, Ireland. He immigrated when he was 15 (5 Apr 1860, haven’t found the ship manifest yet) and was naturalized in 1867 when he was 21.

Massachusetts State and Federal Naturalization Re.jpg

Richard married Catherine Bradley on Christmas Eve in 1873 in Boston, he was 28 and she was 18.

Marriage of Richard McManus and Catherine Bradley, 24th Dec 1873, Boston. Source:

His occupation is listed as “plasterer”, which was a bit surprising as he apparently had been a pub owner. I’m still not sure if this is a mistake, or was there a second couple with exact same names and ages living in Boston at the same time. For now I’d assume this is the correct couple and will have to search through the newly released catholic records by the Archdiocese of Boston and see if the marriage witnesses or the godparents of the children provide any further clues.

Richard is listed in a number of city directories between 1872 and 1880 as “liquor dealer”  and living at 282 Causeway and/or 81 N. Margin. I’d assume one of those is his business, and the other is his home address.

I’d love to see what 282 Causeway looked like in 1870s but at that address currently in Boston is a restaurant, and it’s quite a central location, so it’s quite possible this is the place where the pub once was! Would love to get a picture from those days!

282 Causeway, Boston. Source: Google maps (31st Jan 2016)

I haven’t found much information on the pub so far, but came across the annual report from the City of Boston Fire Commissioner for the year ending 30 Apr 1878 that lists a minor fire on the premises.


Richard seem to have been a well-respected gentleman in the area, as it’s obvious from the article in Boston Globe from 1875. It must have been very hard to become established at such a young age, especially being an immigrant and with no family around.

1875, Boston Globe

The next post will be about trying to  find out who were the children of Richard and Catherine, and about their trip across the ocean.


McLaughlins in Eglinton

Below is a list of all McLaughlin records I’ve found so far in Eglinton, Derry. I will be expanding and researching this list, hoping to find relatives of Jane McLaughlin
James Mc Laughlin and Biddy Helfarty
  • Jane, born 20 May 1865
  • Mary, born 25 May 1868
  • Henry, born 07 Nov 1870

James Mc Laughlin and Fanny ??

  • William James, born 19 April 1870
  • Charles, born 4 September 1872
James Mc Laughlin and Margaret Delap
  • Edward, born 1 May 1868
James Mc Laughlin and Margaret Mc Ginness
  • James, born 12 February 1866
  • Catharine, born 29 September 1868
  • William, born 6 November 1871
  • Joseph, born 14 July 1874
James Mclaughlin and Catharine Callaghan/Calaghan/Kelligham
  • John, born 8 July 1869
  • Patrick, born 10 Sep 1871
  • James Joseph, born 29 July 1875

Robert McLaughlin and Mary Strain

  • Mary, born 16 October 1868
  • Ellen, born 13 August 1870
Robert Mclaughlin and Maggie Jane Donaghey
  • Maggie, born 30 Mar 1880
Alexander Mclaughlin and Mary Quig
  • Alexander, born 13 February 1872
John Mc Laughlin and Ann Ryan/Rhyne
  • Eliza, born 19 November 1868
  • Catharine, born 26 Aug 1870
  • James, born 29 July 1872
John Mclaughlin and Rose Boyle
  • Mary, born 28 February 1870
  • Patrick, born 18 July 1875

John McLaughlin and Eliza Strawbridge

  • Joseph, born 4 May 1865
  • John, born 20 September 1867

Philip Mc Laughlin and Ellen Mc Laughlin

  • Lizzy, born 20 March 1868
Phillip Mc Laughlin and Ellen Mc Gonigle
  • Catharine, born 13 July 1865
  • Catharine, born 29 June 1870
William Mc Laughlin and Ann Donnelly
  • John, born 20 February 1865
  • Patrick, born 14 June 1867
  • William, born 24 July 1869
  • Annie, born 5 December 1871
William Mc Laughlin and Margaret Feeney
  • James, born 11 August 1866
  • Margaret, born 12 December 1869

Pat McLaughlin and Elizabeth Mullin

  • Ellen, born 29 Apr 1871

Patrick McLaughlin and Biddy McLaughlin

  • Eliza Jane, born 23 February 1866
  • Patrick, born 07 Oct 1867
  • Patrick, born 9 April 1869
  • Daniel, born 13 July 1871

William Gallagher and Jane McLaughlin (part 4) – theories of relatives

I have not yet managed to locate a marriage record for William and Jane, nor to confirm a birth record for either of them, but here are some possibilities.

Jane age and place of birth are consistent in 1901 and 1911 census, so she must be born abt. 1871 in Co.Derry. She was only 15 when her first child was born, so I’m looking for births 1869-1872 in case her age was wrong.

  1. There is a possible baptism for Jane in Waterside on 12 Apr 1869, parents were James McLaughlin and Eliza McLaughlin, sponsor: Margaret McLaughlin. (source:
  2. Birth 30 Dec 1970, Ballarena, Derry, parents: Daniel Mc Laughlin and Elizabeth Cummins (source:
  3. Birth registration for Jane McLaughlin, 1871, Londonderry, Ireland, vol number 2, pg number 247 (source:
  4. Birth/baptism 28 aug 1972, Newtownlimavady, Derry, parents: Joseph McLaughlin and Mary Mullen

There are few others that don’t specify location.

There is also a number of possible birth records for William, both in Co Derry and in Scotland (1911 census lists his place of birth as Coatbridge, Glasgow, Scotland. Unfortunatelly I haven’t been able to uniquely pinpoint the correct record.

I’ve also been trying to gather all clues for possible relatives following up on the sponsors on the baptism certtificates for their children. The godparents for their first child Annie in 1885 were Robert Gallagher and Bridget McLaughlin. Bridget was also the godmother of their next two children (1886 and 1887), and later in 1892 we have Bridget Gallagher listed as a godmother to Josepine. One theory is that Rober Gallagher and Bridget McLaughlin were siblings to William and Jane, and they got married sometime between 1887 and 1892. There is a marriage record that fits 22 May 1888, Derry and parents are listed as Charles Gallagher and James McLaughlin. Richard and Bridget had their first child, Robert, in 1888 in Derry City, and later moved and settled in Eglinton, Co.Derry (census 1901 and 1911) I’ve tried tracing their children but so far haven’t been able to prove connection to William and Jane.

Other godparents to research: Mary Donaghoe (1889), Mary Jane McNulty/Rose McAnulty (1890), Margaret Mallet (1894), Elizabeth McColgan (1895), Henry McLaughlin and Catherine King (1896), Agnes Feeny (1897).

Henry could possbily be Jane’s brother, and there is a marriage on 28 June 1896 between Henry McLaughlin and Catherine King, so this is possibly them.Henry’s father is James, which is consistent with the other theory that Bridget McLaughlin (who married Robert Gallagher) is a sister of Jane.


There is a birth in 1870 in Eglinton, Derry for Henry Mc Laughlin with parents James McLaughlin and Bridget Helfarty, which could be the correct Henry, sibling of Jane. There are also two other children born to the same couple: Mary born 25 May 1868, Eglinton, Derry and Jane born 20 May 1865. The year of birth of Jane doesn’t match the ancestor I’m searching for, however, the suspected sister Bridget (McLaughlin) Gallagher was living in Eglinton and her parents were James and Bridget (her mother Bridget was living with her in 1901 census). So this is quite possibly the correct family, but more research is needed to figure out why  Jane’s year of birth is so off.

Edenreagh, Eglinton:

William Gallagher and Jane McLaughlin (part 3) – Newspaper articles

Gallagher is a very popular surname in Northern Ireland and it was tricky to research it in the newspapers. However, the Derry Petty court sessions provide some information about what the family’s life must have been at the time.

In 1897 William was arrested on a charge of allegedly taking away a horse.


In 1902 William Gallagher was fined 15s (5s per child) for his three school age children having poor attendance at school.


Jane Gallagher was also mentioned in a newspaper article as a plaintiff against Mr M. Armstrong of Duddy’s row in 1903, who was accused of stealing a soverign belonging to Mrs Gallagher.



In Feb 1904 William Gallagher was fined 10s and costs for drunkenness.


A month later, in March 1904 he appeared again in front of the Derry Petty Courts – he was charged with failing to look after his children and not proving food. Those must have been hard times for the family, the newsarticle is heartbreaking to read. He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment with hard labour, while his wife was home with 8 children, one of them – the baby Walter only a month and a half.


William was also mentioned in a story in 1906 as a plentiff on a case of stolen bogs.


1923 – summoned at Derry petty court for “drunkeness and disorderly conduct” and fined 20s.


William Gallagher and Jane McLaughlin (part 2) -their chilren

According to the 1911 census Jane had 16 children, 9 of them still living. I’ve been able to locate birth and/or baptism records for 14 of them, listed below (the names in bold are the ones listed in the 1911 census, so they would have survived)

  • Annie (1885-?bef 1911)
  • Jane “Jeannie” (1886-?)
  • Mary “Minnie” (1887-1907)
  • Josephine (1889-1890)
  • William (1890-1915)
  • Josephine (1892-?)
  • Henry (1894-?)
  • James (1895-?)
  • Robert (1896-1900)
  • Agnes Bridget “Bodina” (1897-?)
  • John Joseph (1901-?)
  • Walter “Wallie”Columba (1904-?)
  • Lizzie (1905-?)
  • Edith (1906-?bef 1911).

Jane married Daniel Lynch in 1910 and has two sons born 1910 and 1914. She also appears in the 1939 register with her mother Jane Gallagher at 183 Forster’s terrace, so she is one of the surviving children.

Note on birth/baptismal dates: I’ve encountered many children in those days who seem to have been baptised on a date before their birth date in those days – quite puzzling when you see it repeatedly. Those were Roman Catholic families where children were baptised very quickly after birth, especially considering the high infant death rates those days. However, parents were also obliged to record the birth in the civil registry office, and they were penalties if a birth wasn’t recorded within a month (REF?) So children were often registered at a later date, and their birth date was “adjusted” by the parents to fall within the required timeframe. While I still use the birth certificate date as the official birth date, the baptism date is often a better estimate of the date of birth.

Annie Gallagher (18 Jun 1885 – ?bef 1911)

Annie was born on 18th Jun 1885  on 108 Spencer Road, parish :Glendermot or Waterside urban. She was baptised 14th June, address listed is Spencer Road and sponsors are Robert Gallagher and Bridget McLaughlin.

She is listed living with her parents in 1901 at Cross Street, and there is also Annie Gallagher who is the informant of the birth of her sister Edith in 1906 – I think this may be the same Annie, she would have been 21. Her mother Jane is listed in 1911 census as having had 16 children, 9 living, so unless this is a typo I’ve already identified 9 children that were definitely alive at the time of that census. So Annie most likely died between 1906 and 1911. I haven’t been able to find a death certificate for her. It’s possible she got married and maybe died at childbirth, so will need to look further into possible marriage records and death under a different name.

Jane Gallagher (25 Nov 1886- ?)

Jane was born 25th Nov on 4 Cross street.Her parents are listed as William Gallagher (labourer) and Anne McLaughlin (Anne must be a typo). She was baptised on 12th Dec 1886 in the Waterside parish, and sponsors was Biddy McLaughlin (note on the baptism records says she was baptised by John Gribbon).

Jane is listed in 1901 census living with her family. She married Daniel Lynch on 5th Feb 1910 in Derry (her name listed as Jeannie), and had two sons with him – Alexander b. 1910 and Daniel b.1914. [INSERT IMG] She is also listed in 1939 register living with her mother Jane Gallagher in 183 Foster’s terrace. [INSERT IMG]

I have not looked for a death certificate yet, and have not expanded her tree further down.

Mary “Minnie” Gallagher (20 Nov 1887 – 16 Aug 1907)

Mary was botn on 20th Nov 1887 on Cross street, the informant is her mother. She was baptised on 30th Nov 1887 in Waterside parish by Rev John Gribbon, and the sponsor is Bridget McLaughlin. Mary was listed with her family in 1901 census.

Sadly, Minnie died on 16 Aug 1907 when she was 19 in a drowning accident. In her death certificate she is wrongly transcribed as “Winnie”.

I’ve come accross one newspaper article decribing the accident, but need to check if there are others.


Josephine Gallagher (10 Aug 1889 – 10 Apr 1890)

Josephine was born on 10 Aug 1889 on Cross Street and baptised on 6 Sept by Rev John Gribbon, the sponsor was Mary Donaghoe.

Sadly Josephine died as an infant when she was only 8 months old. William and Jane named their next daughter with the same name – Josephina (Josephine).


William Gallagher (10 Sep 1890 – 9 Sep 1915, France)

William was the eldest son of William and Jane, born on Cross street and the informat was Mary Jane McNulty. He was baptised 26th Aug  by Rev, Joseph KcKeefry (baptism date before the birth so birth date likely incorrect), the sponser of the baptism was Rose McAnulty.

William was listed living with his family in both 1901 and 1911 census. William died in 1915 in France while fighting during the WW1, and was buried in Auchonvillers Military Cemetery, Somme, France. His name was commemorated on the Diamon War Memorial. (screenshot below):


Diamon War Memorial, Derry (Thanks to Warren for taking this photo!)
Diamon War Memorial, Derry (Thanks to Warren for taking this photo!)

Search on revealed that William was awarded an award (medal?) couple of months prior to his death. Unfortunatelly I don’t know what most of those abbreviations mean, but the reg. no is the same as the one listed on the Diamond War Memorial project, so it’s the correct William.


Note address he is listed at is the same where his family lived so we can be sure we have the correct person. The website also states his father and brother also served, so will need to follow up on this and see if I can get more information on the three of them.burial

The cemetery site lists additional information which I need to follow up on:,%20WILLIAM


Josephine Gallagher (8 May 1892 – ?)

Josephine (or Josephina, as she was listed on her birth certificate) is the direct ancestor I’m researching. She was born on 8 May 1892 at 23 Cross street, the informant was her mother. She was baptised on 17 May in Waterside, sponsor was Bridget Gallagher.

She was listed living with her family in 1901 and 1911 census. Josephine married Leopold Rossini Warren on 9th Feb 1914 in St Columas RC church in Waterside, Derry. The withnesses were Henry Gallagher and Mrs Lynch (who are almost certainly her brother Henry and her sister Jane)

Josephine was listed in 1939 census living in the same household as her mother Jane on 183 Foster’s terrace.

More details about Josephine and Leopold will follow in another post.

Henry Gallagher (24 Aug 1894 – ?)

Henry was born on 24th Aug on 23 Cross street in Derry, the informant of the birth was his mother. He was baptised on 6th Sep 1893 (year likely wrong!) by Joseph McKeefry, his address was Cross street and sponsor was Margaret Mallet.

Henry was listed living with his family in 1901 and 1911 census, and he was mentioned on the Diamond War memorial page of his brother William: “A brother, Corporal H. Gallagher, was wounded for the second time around September 1916.” [source:] Will need to follow up and see if I can find more information on his military record.

Henry married Sarah Langan on 21 Sep 1921 in Derry when he was 27. His occupation is listed as “ship yard worker”, and his father’s occupation is “general dealer”. The address listed for Henry on the marriage certificate is 183 Forsters terrace, same as the address for the rest of the family in other records.

I haven’t looked into any children for Henry and Sarah.

James Gallagher (1895-?)

James was born on 14 Mar 1895 on Cross Street in Derry, the informant of the birth was his mother. He was baptised on 24th Mar 1895 in Waterside parish by John Gribbon, sponsor was Elizabeth McColgan.

He is listed with his parents in 1901 and 1911 census. I haven’t found a marriage record or any further information on him.

In 1917, when he was 22, he was living with his parents at 183 Foster’s Terrace and was charged at Derry Petty Sessions for being drunk.


Robert (23 May 1896- 12 Jul 1900)

Robert Gallagher was born on 23 May 1896 at 23 Cross Street, the informat was Anne Gallagher (possibly his sister). He was baptised on 31st May by Rev John Gribbon, sponsors were Henry McLaughlin and Catherine King (not sure how are they related to the family yet! Could Henry be Robert’s uncle?)

Robert died when he was only 4 years old, cause of death is listed as “Diarrhea, 4 days, certified”.

Bridget “Bodina” Agnes (31 Jul 1897-?)

Agnes was born on 31 Jul 1897 at Cross Street, informant her mother Jane, and baptised on 13 Aug 1897 at Waterside parish by Rev John Gribbon, sponsor was Agnes Feeny. She was named as Bridget Agnes on the birth record, Bodina Agnes on the baptism, Aggie on 1901 census and Agnes on 1911 census.

There is a note on her baptism record that she married James McGahey on 20 June 1942 in Long tower, Derry. I haven’t looked for children of Agnes and James.

John Joseph (1901-?)

John Joseph Gallagher was botn on 7 Oct 1901 at 23 Cross St, informant of the birth was his mother. Haven’t found a baptism certificate for him (1900 onwards doen’t seem to be digitised) He is listed with his family in 1911 census.

I haven’t searched for a marriage or death record for him.

He was mentioned in a newspaper article in Derry Journal (6 Jun 1921, pg4) as being arrested with a group of other men for leaving before Curfew to procure firewood.


Walter “Wallie”Columba (1904-?)

Walter Gallagher was born on 23 Jan 1904 at 23 Cross street, the informant of the birth was his mother. A note on the birth certificate states “CHILDS FULL NAME IS GIVEN AS WALLIE COLUMBA GALLAGHER”

He is listed living with his parents in the 1911 census. I haven’t searched for a marriage or death record for him.

Lizzie (17 May 1905-?)

Lizzie Gallagher was boron on 17 May 1905 at 24 Mill Street, the informant of the birth was Josephine Gallagher (her sister).

Lizzie is listed living with his parents in the 1911 census. I haven’t searched for a marriage or death record for her.

Edith (1 Sep 1906 – ?bef 1911)

Edith Gallagher was botn on 1 Sep 1911 at Mill Street, the informant of her birth was Annie Gallagher (her sister).

She doesn’t appear in 1911 census, so likely died young. I haven’t found a death record yet.

[UPDATED 4 Apr 2017:

I’ve found one more child of William and Jane Gallagher – Henry  born 24th Aug 1893. He must have died within a year as they have another son Henry born in 1894.]

William Gallagher and Jane McLaughlin (part 1)

William Gallagher (abt. 1869, Derry or Scotland – d. 1 Jun 1939, Derry)
Jane Gallagher (nee McLaughlin) (abt 1871, Derry – d. after 1939)

William and Jane have been a tricky couple to research due to their very popular names in Derry,  and their date and place of birth, parents and marriage are still a mystery.

They must have married around 1885 as their first child, Annie, was born  18 Jun 1885 in Derry City and baptised in Waterside. I have not been able to find any civil or church marriage record so far.

Jane would have been very young when she had Annie, only 14-15. Initially I thought it may have been a mistake, but Jane’s age is consistent in both census records – 30 years old in 1901 (Annie is listed as being 15) and age 40 in 1911. And 1911 census lists William and Jane as being married 25 years.

Did William and Jane elope and married abroad, did she fall pregnant as a teen and they never married… I haven’t been able to confirm any family members for either of them so far.

1901 census: Cross street, Waterside, Londonderry source:
1911 census, 8 Howard Place, Londonderry Urban (4)   source:

William Gallagher has been mentioned in several newspaper articles in Derry Journal (see part 3)





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